viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2014

¿How to decorate your home for Christmas eve?

Decorating a house in anticipation of Christmas is almost as fun as opening presents on Christmas morning. Whether you're having guests over for a holiday party or you want to make your house feel cozy and festive for your family, this article explains how to show your Christmas spirit by including traditional decorations, making the outside of your house sparkle, and adding sweet touches throughout the house.

You can go for something simple or elaborate here we leave some ideas of how you can do:

1. Get a natural or artificial tree most convenient size for the space where be the tree in your home. Do not buy a big one if your space is small and vice versa.

2. Choose a color range is very convenient to go for a colored line so that you can buy different accessories according to the color range you choose for that year.

3. Do not forget the lights, they can not only use them to decorate the tree but you can make interesting decorations with elements like that we show below salts and so unconventional.

4. Remember the nativity, the companies are currently selling some beautiful in clay or ceramic, they are very important to our children and  is a wonderful way to use them to tell our kids about Jesus.

5. Decorate other areas of the house, you should not necessarily focus on the tree or the room where will be, but you can do creative things in your driveway, in the kitchen or bathroom visits; have fun decorating your home this season.

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