martes, 15 de marzo de 2016

6 Creative Ideas for Interior Decorating with Wine Bottle Corks

Creative interior decorating with wine bottle corks is fun. Making home decorations and functional decor accessories from wine bottle corks is an eco friendly way to add personality to your home interiors, show your talents and recycle this unique material in style.
Cork is a wonderful material, functional and versatile, perfect for creating modern furniture and handmade home decorations, floor and small decor accessories that bring fresh designs and an unusual look into modern interior decorating.
Wine bottle corks are easy to work with. Cork is a shock-absorbing, water resistance, sound insulating material. It is used as a building material and as a decorative material that add unique texture to modern interiors.

Wine Cork Backsplash

The Bouchon Stool, designed by Radice Orlandini Design Studio for DOMITALIA.

Corks on Wall Texture

Just like pallets, wine crates can be repurposed in a lot of interesting and creative ways. A lot of these DIY projects revolve around furniture and decoration.

Corks on Coffe Table

Handmade hot pot coaster, simple craft idea to reuse and recycle wine bottle corks

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