jueves, 23 de octubre de 2014

10 Awesome Home PVC Projects

Few interesting things we can create with this highly multifunctional material that we can not only use architectural projects such as use of manufactured materials. But we can also reuse in DYI projects in our houses as an unique and personalized way. 

 Here you can see lots of great Ideas to make cool interior design projects with pvc pipe

 - Enjoy it - 

1. Pvc bathroom screen divider 

2. Pvc pieces a round mirror 

3. PVC Christmas Tree

4. Pvc Christmas Wreath front door

5. Pvc base center piece

6. Simple Pvc Storage for Less

7. Pvc DYI desk organizer

8. Pvc shoes organizer

9. Pvc utensil holder / vase


10. Floating Pvc planters

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