viernes, 10 de octubre de 2014

10 Amazing Old Doors and windows DIY Decor Ideas

You can start decorating you’re house with old doors and windows and giving them a Second Life, there are plenty of ideas that are possible to give life to you’re old stuff. Headboards, mirrors, tables and shelves are just a few of the most popular ideas that you can accomplish. You can re-purpose you’re old windows and doors to achieve a personal furnishing item. Just take a look at the examples below and start doing.  

¡Enjoy it!

1. Could be a Bed Headboards 

2. Use It as a Bookcase

3. Make A Porch Swing

4.  It Can be a Rustic or Modern Console Table 

5. You can use it like a furniture in your garden

6. As a support table for your kitchen

7. It may be a room divider on your dressing

8. Turn It to a Coffee Table for Your Living Room 

9. Chalkboard for Some Full-on Fun 

10. An interesting addition to your hall

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