jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014

Sinuous Wooden Staircase

Located in central Mumbai, Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop’s six story building, featuring two stories per apartment, contrasts standard housing in India by attending to similar spaces with diverse ideas. The SDM Apartment, in particular, houses uniquely designed rooms, which blend seamlessly with the space overall.

Designed by: Arquitectura en Movimiento

The centerpiece of the apartment is the staircase, a striking work of art in and of itself. 

Visible from nearly every public area of the apartment, the staircase draws its viewers in as it blooms with natural light. A bulk of the staircase is made up of flat, horizontal boards that curve up from the first floor to the second, creating steps on both levels from minimal beams and vertical portions against which one could nestle with a book in hand. 

The unique segmented design of the staircase is replicated in many works throughout the apartment, such as the blinds in the bedroom.

Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop’s SDM Apartment is as welcoming as it is beautiful. Its expert use of space and lighting combine stunningly.

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